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Stan Herd Digs Art

Skip the studio. Miss the museum. If you want to see Stan Herd’s artwork, you’ll have to stand on a rooftop or peer out of a plane.

The world’s preeminent representational earthwork artist, Herd has been creating art for more than 30 years – by digging, disking, plowing and otherwise manipulating acres of green space. His subjects range from American folk hero Will Rodgers to Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta to commercial products like Absolut Vodka and Papa John’s Pizza. And his canvas is the great outdoors – literally, a farmer’s field, an abandoned park or even a soil-capped landfill.

Art, activism and awareness

Herd’s art is not conventional. But neither is he. In 1994, the artist completed a one-acre image, “Countryside” – an image of a pastoral Kansas landscape, on Donald Trump’s property on Manhattan's West Side on his own dime.

Beyond U.S. borders, Herd’s interest in international relations landed him in Havana twice to create Rosa Blanca, an image of a white rose to honor 19th century Cuban poet José Martí. The grassroots collaboration was dedicated to reestablishing relations between the United States and Cuba.

Herd is also one of the elite few to be selected as an Absolut Artist, producing 17-acre award winning ad for the highly successful Absolut Artist series. Absolut Landmark ran in Rolling Stone, Esquire, Interview and Art Forum magazines.

Man of the land

Born into a family that’s farmed for three generations in southwest Kansas, Herd has always had an intimate relationship with the land that’s dovetailed with his art.

“My earliest drawings concern the activities of life in rural America,” says Herd. “Always, my pictures involved the land – fields of wheat and alfalfa, crossed by country roads leading nowhere and everywhere.

“As a boy, I longed to head down those roads and find out what lay beyond the horizon. An urge to discover was never far from the surface.”

Turns out, what he was really drawn to was the surface – his love of the earth, which is both his palette and his canvas.

Herd’s work has been featured on CBS’s Sunday Morning, NPR’s All Things Considered and What Do You Think?, Dateline NBC, Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Times, The New Look of Paris and The London Telegraph. A book about his earthworks, Crop Art and Other Earthworks, (Henry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, 1994) details Herd’s artistic journey through stunning pictures and stories.

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